NorAm Drilling

State of the art drilling rigs in the US Permian Basin

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Annualized dividend yield based on latest monthly distribution of NOK 1.10 per share

About NorAm Drilling

NorAm Drilling is a leading drilling operator with a fleet of 11 Ultra Super Spec drilling rigs in the Permian basin with 15 years of operating history. The rigs are all fully upgraded with walking systems and high racking capacity and has a track record of drilling the longest wells in Permian.

Our Story

NorAm Drilling has in its 15-year history established a solid foothold in US drilling market, with significant operating experience in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, but is now primarily focusing on the Permian Basin in Texas, where approximately 60% of the proven reserves in the U.S are located.

Due to the modern high specification rigs and a track record with high drilling efficiency and safe operation for the customers, NorAm Drilling was among the first land-drilling companies to have all rigs reactivated after the market disruption caused by Covid in 2020.